Dogfin Episode 93 – Collections Is Calling


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This Week Jon and Thirsty discuss “Collections”. Jon Finds stuff from Around the Net, and What Technology Can Do to Help, we answer some questions and talk about the collections we have, and Thirsty Gives us The Female Perspective.



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Dogfin Episode 92 – The Harvey Apocalypse


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We are doing this during Hurricane Harvey. both thirsty and I are stuck in the middle of Houston, so why not do an episode. we discuss the hurricane, survival skills, what types of apocalypse would be better to have, and my post apocalyptic name would be Tiffany.



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Dogfin Episode 91 – The Wacky Fandoms


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Thirsty and Jon delve into what can be described as the wacky fandoms. we discuss our best and worst fandoms, we also answer the question that have been sent in.

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Dogfin Episode 90 – The Age of Social Media


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Jon and Thirsty talk about my space, twitter, LinkedIn. how social media has led to changes in mental Health. how social media has change peoples self worth. We also answer some questions that were sent to us about social media.

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Dogfin Episode 89 – The Stories We Tell


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This week we introducing something new, we share some stories, and talk about super troopers 2, the beginnings of sky-net, and a lady having her power shut off because she was charging her plugin hybrid.

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Dogfin Episode 88 – We Discover New Audio Effects


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This week, I am learning how to edit better, still more to learn I know. Thirsty and I go over the lack of comics at comic con, new podcasts, the loss of an iconic voice actor, new cars, and of course a little on net neutrality.

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Dogfin Episode 87 – We Wish We Were At S.D.C.C.


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Thirsty and I talk all thing that are San Diego Comic Con, at least what we found out so far. We discuss the announcements, The Trailers and so much more. We also bring a little bit of tech news.

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Dogfin Episode 86 – The New Day


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Jon and Thirsty discuss net neutrality, the V.R. festival that was closed, oculas rift, the new standard transmission for a hybrid/full electric car, mild dating advice, car manufactures getting away from 100% internal combustion vehicles, Elon Musk and the new battery being built in Australia.

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Day of Action for Net Neutrality


Today is the day; the Net Neutrality Day of Action.  Hopefully you understand how important this issue is and would be willing to send a brief email to the FCC letting them know you support Net Neutrality. There’s an auto-filled email you can use on the website, so please take a minute to visit.

The US needs Net Neutrality to ensure an open internet. Without it, the banner that desktop users see right now could become permanent, and non-skippable. Sites like WordPress and podcasts could become slowed from cable companies reducing bandwidth for sites they don’t support. We can’t let this happen.

I implore you; take action on this Day of Action.